Save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself Whether you have a factory-perfect pickup bed you’re anxious to protect or a scratched and dented bed you’re dying to hide, you have several options for bed liners. Molded drop-in types are sized for your truck and cost $200 to $5,000. Other options are a professionally installed spray-on liner, which costs $500 to $600, or a Dura-Liner a do-it-yourself rollon bed liner for only $149.95.

All liners have their obvious pros and cons.Molded liners are good at absorbing shocks and hauling gravel or sand but can be slippery. They can also get punctured, which can lead to bed corrosion if water and debris become trapped underneath. On the other hand, spray or roll/brush-on bed liners are a heavyduty polyurethane mixture that hardens and thoroughly coats the inside of your truck bed. Roll/brush-on liners are skid resistant, but on the downside, they can’t be removed.













Sure, DIY truck-bed liners can protect your truck-bed interior, but they can also protect lots of other stuff, from industrial machinery to that functional but ugly toolbox you picked up at the flea market. You can also apply bed liner to surfaces that need to be non-slip, like helipads. It sticks to nearly anything, even itself, making for easy repairs. Comes in black, grey and terra-cota.